We have British Shorthair kittens!

We have kittens!





British Shorthair cattery STARFALL*LT established in the town Vilnius, Lithuania and specializing in classic colors and favor rare bloods.
Starfall*LT belong to club LGAC (Lietuvos Gyvūnų Augintojų Centras), officially registered in WCF (World Cats Federation) under number LGAC 156-13, economic entity 77-13-009 checked and included in the VMVT (State Food and Veterinary Service) lists, cattery activity is permitted under patent nr. 650781 issued by VMI (State Tax Inspectorate) and we paying all taxes.

British shorthair cats have conquered our hearts with their plush fur, rounded shapes and melancholic, undemanding character.
Breeding British Shorthair cats is our hobby and lifestyle, but not business. Over last 3 year we had 5 imports from Australia and spend around 20.000 euros for cats, travel, import fees, customs.
We are cageless cattery and all cats and kittens live only in our living rooms and are handled individually daily from the day that they are born.
We raise our kittens in a loving home and our British Shorthairs are loved pets as well as participants in shows and breeding. This allows us to better know them, understand their needs, create a comfortable atmosphere, give the individual and responsible care.
The main goal of our cattery is to improve the British Shorthair breed and breeding healthy cats with a rare in Europe pedigrees or imported from other continents.

To minimize the risks for both, the parents and the kittens, all cats are carried out a thorough examination, not only prior to use in the breeding program, but also regularly checking status of their health, especially before each litter, veterinary analysis is done not only in Lithuania, but also in Germany. In this way we are minimizing the risk of serious and inherited diseases. All cats used in breeding are examined not only for the virus (FeLV, FPV, FIV, FIP, FCoV, CHL, MYC), but also for genetically inherited HCM (hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy) and PKD (polycystic kidney) diseases.

We use only best quality "Holistic" and "Super Premium" cats food, balanced natural meat (RAW/BARF), vitamins, pastes and additives.
We believe that if you are happy with your kitten, then your kitten will be happy.
We hope and believe that our kittens can be lovely pets and bring joy to their owners' life and also can successfully participate in exhibitions to which we are preparing them since birth.

Each kitten born in STARFALL*LT cattery becomes a member of our family and it's treated like a personality, with their own peculiarities, desires and hard for us to part with each, but the place is in the house, alas, has limits. When choosing a new homes for our cats, is taken into consideration interests and needs of both sides and the well-being of a kitten.

Our position is categorically against the exploitation of animals and uncontrolled breeding, so we do not sell pets without all the necessary documents and procedures. Kittens can leave home only over the age of three to four months, with a WCF pedigree, with the international veterinary passport, registered in the Veterinary Service, micro chipped, dehelmetized, vaccinated and re-vaccinated against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Rabies, socialized, adapted to the outside world, minimally dependent on the mother's milk, eating wet and dry food, natural products, accustomed to the tray and hygienic procedures, with favorite toy for easier adaptation in the new forever home.
We prefer to be kept in constant touch with new owners.
It is mandatory to sign contract and both parties take responsibility.

To find out what kittens are currently available, just check Kittens page or e-mail us in Contacts section.
Do not hesitate to contact for more information! We are always glad to answer any questions you might have.